Research Grant
The funds are provided to assist original and challenging international research which meets social as well as academic demands in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

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How to apply

Fill in your application form. Obtain Letter of recommendation.

*Please register your application, after completing your application form.

Research Grant Application Guidelines (2017) Areas: Humanities and Social Sciences

Two major objectives of The Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation are
1)to contribute to the society by promoting international understanding and
2)to realize the society where mankind respect and harmonize with nature under the concept -coexistence of Nature and Mankind-.
In line with this goal, the foundation provides funds to research activities in the areas of humanities and social sciences which pertain to above mentioned two objectives.

(I) Focus and Scope of Research to be Granted

1. Focus and Scope of Research
* Research activities of social, academic and international needs in the areas of humanities and social sciences which promote international understanding and/or coexistence of Nature and Mankind. Those should contribute to the society by developing personnel with international perspective, establishing international relationships, solving various issues existing between Japan and other countries, and coexistence of Nature and Mankind.
; especially pioneering research based on creative ideas is welcomed.
Ineligible Research
  • Profit-making research or those which have a high probability of profit making.
  • Research which has substantially been completed.
  • Research which requires a huge amount of research expenses.
  • Research that the periods of which are less than half of the terms of research grant.
2. Eligibility and Conditions for Applicants
  • Students in doctoral course and researchers within five years after finishing doctoral course,
    who have not received grants from the foundation in the past.,
    (Eligibility must be judged with your position when you submit the application sheet.)
  • There are no restrictions based on nationality, affiliation, or area of residence.

(II) Outline of the Grants

1. Number of Grant Recipients
Around 50 students/researchers
2. Amount of Grants
  • The maximum amount of grant per student/researcher is 500,000 yen.
  • The amount of each grant will be assessed by the content of each research project and the rationality of its budget.
3. Term of Grants
Term of grants shall be one year from October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018.
4. Use of Grants
  • Grants are for necessary expenses in carrying out and putting research plans in order, and expenses shall be itemized in accordance with List of Items of Expenditures in a separate page. The Applied amount and the itemized budget should always match with each other.
  • Expenses required for printing reports, issuing publications, holding symposiums and attending overseas academic conferences for the purpose of opening the results of the research to the public shall not be included in the grants.
5. Main Duties of the Recipients and Others
  • The recipients of the grants shall conclude agreements with the Foundation and report on the process, results and accounts of research upon completion to the Foundation. When the valid reports are not submitted within 6 months after the grants period, total grants will be returned to the Foundation.
  • Receipts for over 10,000 Yen must be submitted with reports. Other receipts must be kept and submitted when the Foundation requests.
  • Surplus must be returned.
  • Please take note in advance that the process and result of the research will be made public through the website etc. of the Foundation.

(III) Method and Criteria of Screening

1. Screening Method
Careful and fair screening will be conducted by the screening committee of the Foundation in late July, 2017.
2. Notice of the result
The result of the decisions will be informed to the applicants by e-mail by the beginning of August, 2017, but please understand that the Foundation will not respond to inquiries regarding reasons for the decision.
3. Criteria of Screening
In screening, the following items are considered;
In the areas of humanities and social sciences,
(1) Research which is in line with the objectives and activities of the Foundation,
(2) Research which is high in social and academic importance,
(3) Research which is creative and pioneering,
(4) Research which will be carried out by highly motivated and competent researchers and has excellent research plans and setups, and
(5) Research with rational and appropriate budgets.

(IV) Application Procedures

1. How to Get Application / Recommendation Forms
Please download and use the files posted on the website of the Foundation: (English) (English)
or (Japanese) (Japanese)
(When you use Japanese one, please see Japanese guideline.)
2. How to Apply
(1) Make your application document
(2) Get the letter of recommendation
(3) Get your "Reference Number" by registering your application through the following web site.
(4) Write down your Reference Number in the specified section in all the application forms.
      (Application forms without Reference Number is INVALID.)
(5) Convert application xls file to pdf file. Convert printed reference letter to pdf or jpg file.
      Be careful to set Application size to "A4" not "Letter".
(6) Upload application and letter of recommendation through the following website.
      You have to upload "Application" and "Recommendation" at the same time..
      When "Recommendation" is sent directly from recommender, please upload dummy file as "Recommendation" that says "Recommendation will be sent directly."
      If uploading is difficult, you may send the application form and the letter of recommendation to the Foundation by post.
      Please do not print on both sides of papers.
      (The document should be anopisthographic.)
3. Application Forms
Form No.1 Applicants must provide the E-mail address to be contacted during the screening period (July - September). Applicant's signature is strictly required.
Form No.2-4 Applicants must explain the general purpose as well as the academic and social significance of their research in the "Purpose of the Research" section.
Form No.5 Applicants must write a summary of their Master thesis. If the applicant is not required to submit a Master thesis for his/her educational institution, the applicant must provide an alternative summary.
Form No.6 Applicants should refer to the "List of Items of Expenditures for Research Grants" explained in the last page of these guidelines when specifying and itemizing budget details.
Form No.7, 8 Applicants must provide the names of two reference persons that are specialists in the related area of the research theme.
In addition a letter of recommendation (Form No.8) is required from one of the two reference persons.
Signature is required for the other one (Reference Person 2).
The letter of recommendation must be uploaded together with other application forms.
English recommendations can be written in a separate format (letter style), but must not be exceed two pages.
  • Languages used to fill the application forms shall be Japanese or English.
    Japanese applicants must use Japanese language for application except for the letter of recommendation.
  • Applicants are requested to key in necessary items directly on application forms. (please use a font larger than "10.5" for sheet No.2, 3, 4, 5. )
4. Important notes
  • Addition of papers, use of non-standardized forms and attachment of materials shall not be accepted. Also, applications with a large number of words using very small size of font shall not be accepted.
  • Application forms must be printed with A-size paper and used for screening. Lack of sentence in frame or not neatly printed are INVALID. Those who usually uses Letter size paper must take care of it especially.
  • Application forms, once submitted, will not be returned, so please make sure to retain copies.
  • Within two weeks after the receipt of both application forms and recommendation posted by mail, the Foundation will inform the receipt of such to applicants. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt, please inquire us the receipt of your application.
  • Incomplete application forms (including disorderly written ones) could be excluded from the screening process without notice.
  • The application process will be carried out only once a year.
5. Reception Period of Application:
April 3(Mon) — May 11(Thu), 2017
Application forms must reach the Foundation by May 11th.

(V) Inquiries for Applications

If you have any inquires about application, please send E-mail to the following address.
Please show your reference number for the smooth answer if you have.

Address The Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation
1006 Kadoma, Osaka 571-8501, Japan
Tel 81-6-6908-4488
Fax 81-6-6906-4124

List of Items of Expenditures for Research Grants

Items of Expenditure Explanations
(1) Personnel Expenses
Rewards to Cooperators
Gratuity to Assistants
Rewards to cooperators for their advice and cooperation
Rewards to assistants helping you to collect materials and conducting surveys necessary in carrying out your research
(2) Travel Expenses
Domestic Travel
Overseas Travel
Transportation and accommodation expenses required for a trip (survey and attendance to conferences) which is more than 100 km one way Transportation, accommodation and miscellaneous expenses (various expenses for overseas trips including insurance policy) incurred for overseas trips to pursue research
Those who travel abroad are requested to buy accident insurance.
(3) Survey/ Equipment Expenses
Contract Survey Expenses
Computer Software Expenses
Expenses incurred by contracting questionnaire surveys, data collection and etc.
Expenses including development of computer programs, data processing, computer rental fee and program rental fee
(4) Material/ Printing Expenses
Purchase of Books
Printing/ Copying
Expenses for purchasing books and thesis
Expenses for purchasing recording media, such as films, tapes, disks.
Printing expenses of questionnaire and data collection forms, and copying expenses of books
(5) Conference Expenses
Rent for a Venue
Transportation Expenses
Miscellaneous Expenses
Rental fee of the space used for conferences
Transportation fees incurred to attend conferences (Trips of over 100 km one way shall be appropriated for(2) Travel Expenses)
Refreshments and lunch served at the conference, and communication expenses
(6) Facility Expenses Rental fee in research institute, heating and lighting expenses and miscellaneous expenses
(7) Communication/ Transportation Transportation expenses required for research activities (trips of less than 100 km one way), communication expenses and transportation expenses for equipment
(8) Consumables Expenses Office supplies and consumables
(9) Miscellaneous Expenses Translation expenses, stenography expenses, gifts to survey respondents, gifts to organizations surveyed, maintenance expenses for equipment and fixtures, attendance fee to conferences and other expenses

The following expenses are not accepted:

  • Personnel and living expenses and tuition of a researcher
  • General operating expenses required for managing research organizations
  • Expenses required for printing reports, issuing publications, holding symposiums and attending overseas academic conferences
  • Equipment and fixture expenses including personal computers, photo equipment, visual equipment, copying, equipment and printing equipment