Objectives and Activities of the Foundation

The Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation will strive to contribute to advances in world culture and the peace and prosperity of the world by "promoting mutual understanding between Japan and other countries" and by “creating a society based on the concept of the coexistence of Nature and Mankind,”

To achieve these goals, the foundation will provide funds for the following activities:


  1. (1) International studies and cooperative activities related to society, culture, education, natural conservation and the economy as well as projects aimed at promoting mutual understanding and improvement of relations between Japan and other countries.
  2. (2) Programs designed to promote mutual international understanding and to develop personnel capable of promoting international understanding.
  3. (3) Awarding achievements that contribute to "Coexistence of Nature and Mankind," as well as related investigations and research.
  4. (4) Educational and public relations activities for all of the above activities.
  5. (5) Other projects considered necessary for achieving the goals of the foundation.

2. The above activities will be conducted in both Japan and overseas.